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No mineral oil, No preservative.Only made with premium carrier oils with real essential oil, not infused oil.Remove dead skin with gentle Dead sea salt scrub.Moisturize skin with natural vegan oils.Minerals in dead sea salt give glow on your skin.

Dead sea salt scrub

  • sweet almonds oil, grape seed oil, Argan oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Dead sea salt, tea tree essentail oil.

  • Cooling : (peppermint, wintergreen) gives cooling feels. relief muscle aches.

    Relaxing : (lemongrass+ eucalyptus) helps relief stress and relax body.

    Soothing : (Lavender+ Roman chamomile) Calms mind and body. promote quality of sleep.

    Warming:(cinnamon+orange) heat up body, relax muscle. also help romantic mood.

    ***To customize your scrub please check *CUSTOM* line. pick the oil from our essential oil selection.

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